Our Story

We are twin sisters and proud Central Albertans who were born and raised on a farm near Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Growing up on a farm we learned a work ethic that would later translate into our passion which is Queen Bee’s Frites and Sweets. We feel to this day it was hard work which taught us to strive for perfection and accept nothing less.

We found our love of baking through simply eating fresh home baked goods. With an interest at a young age in baking, our mom let us have free range in the kitchen.

Even with the odd cookie filled with salt instead of sugar, there was always a learning lesson and we were encouraged to just keep on trying. Years passed and with the love of baking still with us (elevated of course) we are so happy and excited to share all our favorite creations with you. We would love to thank our wonderful and supportive parents and Brett for believing in us. The moment we told them our idea, they gave us all the love and encouragement to allow us to reach for the stars.

In October 2015 we started with an idea of running a business that allowed us to wake up every morning and do something fun, exciting and what we truly love. What began as an idea quickly developed into a food truck and even more quickly we crossed our fingers this would all work out, went online, and just up and bought a shell of a truck. Upon first sight we knew she was perfect, but perfection is often in the eye of beholder. In this case, the challenge of our truck, from her metamorphosis of an old 1987 delivery work truck to a full-fledged food truck was simply remarkable.

Following some convincing, and the promise of a lifetime supply of frites & sweets, longtime family friend and our neighbour growing up, Len Auccoin agreed he would take on the job of making this endeavor a reality for us. From the shell that began as Stella, Len fabricated the entire food truck himself and with the help on his son, Andrew, we have an engine to get Stella from event to event. Throughout many stages of development and numerous changes (sorry Len), Queen Bees Frites & Sweets food truck is ready to hit road and deliver our creations to markets and special events all over Alberta. We are excited to share our passion with you! Come visit us at the market, check us out online and see what all the buzz is about.